Sacrificial Wounds!

As we approach the holiest week of the year, we gaze upon the cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in awe and reverence. Every time we look at the cross we remember what our Lord had to endure in order to grant us salvation. Salvation is a free gift from God to us, and the main purpose of the incarnation was for our Lord to save us. He became Man, suffered, shed blood, and died on the cross only to save us. When we look at the Cross, we see our priceless value in the eyes of God. Because our Lord Jesus Christ has paid a very costly price, His Body and Blood, to redeem us. His sacrificial wounds pointed to the fulfillment of Christ’s love because God humbled himself by taking on vulnerable flesh and died to free mankind from death. Observe the nails that pierced his flesh for our sins, the spear that wounded His side for our trespasses, the crown of thorns that penetrated His holy head for our transgressions and humbly accept the forgiveness and salvation He granted us through His crucifixion.

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