Blessed Feast of Pentecost! We often refer to this feast as the birthday of the Church as it was born of God to enter into the world and preach the gospel of salvation through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The world would have been incapable of hearing the message of God from us unless we had the Spirit of God dwelling within us and guiding our every step. There is no longer a ceiling between us and the kingdom of God, it is truly at hand and is ready for the taking. The Spirit of God dwells in us, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and so life with God begins now – not later! St. Cyril of Jerusalem speaks of the incredible moment of Pentecost that the apostles have lived. He says the Lord wanted to ensure what happened that day would serve as a witness to the fact that these people now have the living God working with them. May the Holy Spirit dwell richly within us and may we continue to be witnesses of God’s glorious works.

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