Joy of the Resurrection!

The period of the Fifty Holy Days is a special period in the ecclesiastical cycle with the main theme being JOY! It is a period of rejoicing in the Resurrection of our Lord and our resurrection with Him. It is the time to experience the new life in our Lord Jesus Christ. After the Resurrection, the Lord’s presence with the disciples led them to experience joy, which lasted with them for the rest of their lives. They saw the Lord with their eyes and touched Him after the Resurrection which made them joyful. However, after the forty days when Christ ceased to appear to them, the disciples’ happiness did not end.

In fact, this joy stayed with them because they continued to see Christ, but in a different way. They saw Him with the eyes of faith, which don’t need the physical evidence of His presence as our Church teaches us. Since our true joy is in God’s presence with us through His Holy Spirit, during the Fifty Holy Days we learn to be joyful because of Christ’s presence amongst us, as well as our presence with Him. This is the true joy that cannot be taken away.


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