Coptic Date: 6 Pashons



On this day of the year 19 of the martyrs (303 A.D.) mother Dolagy and her four children, Soris, Horman, Abanoufa and Shentas, were martyred. When Arsianus, governor of Ansena, arrived to Esna, these four brothers met him when they were guiding their animals carrying watermelons. One of the governor’s soldiers asked them about their beliefs. They professed their faith in the Lord Christ so they seized them. When their mother knew, she went in haste to encourage and strengthen their faith. The governor ordered to also imprison their mother. During the night St. Mary appeared to her and told her that the Lord Christ had prepared for her and her children the crowns. The next morning the governor summoned them and ordered them to raise incense before the idols however they refused and declared their christianity. The governor ordered to slay them so the mother came forward and offered them one after the other to assure their steadfastness in their faith. The governor, for his cruelty, ordered to slay them on her knees. Then they beheaded mother Dolagy after them and they all received the crowns of martyrdom. The believers took their bodies and buried them in their house which became later on a church after their names. A church after their names is presently located in the city of Esna. the blessing of their prayers be with us all. Amen