Coptic Date:  2 koiahk



On this day the holy father Anba Hermina the Anchorite departed. He was born in the city of Bahnasa to righteous parents who raised him on the Christian morals. In his young age, and while he was pasturing his father’s sheep, the two apostles St. Peter and St. John appeared to him. They called upon him to follow the monastic life and he obeyed them. He went to the monastery of Anba Jacob and met with the abbot of the monastery. He asked the abbot to instruct him on monasticism. Shortly after they put on him the monastic vestments and he increased in grace and spiritual struggle. He preserved in worship and asceticism. Then he went to the inner wilderness where he found a palm tree and a spring of water. He stayed in that place for a period of time where he met some of the holy fathers the anchorites. Finally he moved to the North of the city of Kew (Qaou) in the Eastern Mount. He lived there in an austere struggle with numerous prostrations. St. Hermina was persevering in his spiritual struggle until his body weakened and his sight grew dim. The devil could not endure his worship, therefore he incited much warfare against St. Hermina but the angel of the Lord protected and saved him. At the time of his departure his two friends St. Abba Hor and St. Yousab and the fathers dwelt in that mountain came to receive his blessings. Finally he delivered his pure soul in the hands of the Lord whom he loved. They prayed over him and buried him with great veneration in the church of the city of Kaw. God had manifested many signs and miracles from his pure body. A monastery named after St. Hermina is located north of Kaw, El-Badary district, Assiut governorate, where his body is presently located. 
May his intercession be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.